DSL For Business

DSL provides high-speed Internet access through your existing voice or fax line, with download speeds up to 7.1Mbps.  If you don't have or don't need an analog phone line, that's not a problem.  Standalone DSL can provide you with a data-only line at no additional cost.

If you already have DSL with another ISP, you can usually transfer that service to Cloud 9 without having to replace any hardware or wiring.

DSL service is only available to locations within 18000 feet of the Verizon central office that provides telephone service for your area. Service availability may also vary depending on how telephone service is delivered to your neighborhood or building.

DSL features

  • New service installed in 3-5 business days
  • Static IP addresses -- up to 32 available for IPv4 (/27 subnet), IPv6 tunnels with /48 subnet
  • Email service with POP, IMAP, or webmail access, including 5GB of disk space, anti-virus, and anti-spam
  • DNS service for your domain(s)
  • Manage email, DNS, and other services via our Customer Care web site
  • No inbound or outbound content filtering, or bandwidth throttling
  • Easy to reach, New York-based technical support, via phone and email

Standalone DSL

Standalone DSL is DSL service that's installed on a phone line without POTS (plain old telephone service -- also known as analog or basic voice service). There are two ways to get standalone DSL.

1) Order new standalone DSL from Cloud 9. Service gets installed based on your physical address, instead of an existing phone number. Verizon will install a telephone jack for the standalone DSL. No existing service is required. This process takes approximately 5 business days.

2) Convert existing DSL to standalone by contacting Cloud 9. Your existing Cloud 9 DSL service can be converted to standalone simply by contacting us. Your Verizon local phone service for your DSL number will be discontinued, but your DSL is not affected. This process takes approximately 2 business days. We can also switch your DSL service to Cloud 9 and convert it to standalone simultaneously.